The Netherlands and Flanders

The Bible Society for the Netherlands and Flanders works on many different projects in the Netherlands and Flanders. For example the website, Bible Basics and different translations, like the NBV21.

Bible Translations

In September and October 2017 we introduced the Sranantongo Bible in different Surinam churches in the Netherlands. In September 2017, this Bible was also presented to King Willem Alexander. And in 2019, in a range of towns across the Netherlands, we introduced the Papiamentu Study Bible in a number of Antillean churches.

In 2022 we went to Surinam to present the NBV21 and we were able to offer it to president Santokhi.

King Willem Alexander received the Sranangtongo Bible

Our history

Family Bible

We developed the Family Bible for children in the Netherlands and Flanders. It’s now also available in many other languages such as English, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish en Arabic.

In this Bible you will find 100 steps with:

  • A text from the Bible
  • A big illustration
  • Something to do
  • Questions to discuss and background information

The 100 steps guide you through the Old and New Testaments in a logical and comprehensive way. This way, familiar and lesser-known stories pass by. Children learn to read the Bible themselves and can immediately get started with the stories. The processing material takes into account different learning styles.

If you want more information, please contact Samuel Epko.

family bible

Bible Basics

Bible Basics is a fully digital and free program for children’s church services and Sunday school.

  • Faithful to the Bible
  • Attention for the child
  • Freely and digitally available
  • Suitable for small and large groups

This children’s service material has been produced by the Bible Society for the Netherlands and Flanders. We think it is important that both the Bible and the child are taken seriously. That is why we work with the following two principles: focus on the Bible and the world of the Bible, and focus on the child.

The stories in the Bible are very powerful. They each tell their own story, which is passed on from generation to generation.

In our material, we remain close to the stories from the Bible. We offer additional information about the story, the time and the culture of the Bible. This is how we let the stories speak to the children.

Children have a good ability to think about stories from the Bible and their meaning themselves. They often have ideas and questions concerning the stories. That is why it is important to really look at and listen to the children: What do they like, or think is beautiful? What are they curious about? What do they think about what happens in the stories?

It is important to take the children seriously when you are talking about the Bible together.

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