BSNF provides migrant churches in Antwerp and Amsterdam with Bibles 

On January 20 and 21, the Bible Society for the Netherlands and Flanders (BSNF) visits the Wesley Methodist Church in Antwerp-Deurne. Saturday there is a workshop on Bible Basics and Sunday a BSNF presentation with Bible distribution. On February 4 a church visit is scheduled in Amsterdam.

BSNF’s previous church visit was to the Love Christian Centre in Amsterdam. “What a blessing this is for our church!” said Pastor Nana Baiden (pictured left) when he received 100 Bibles just before Christmas: copies of the Dutch Bijbel in Gewone Taal and the New King James Version. The Bibles were distributed during the Christmas celebrations to people who have little to spend and cannot afford a Bible. 

Bible distribution in their own language 

Last year, Samuel Ekpo, Relationship Manager Migrant & International Churches with the BSNF, visited 10 migrant and international churches. ‘Our mission is for everyone to be able to read the Bible in the language of their hearts. We want to promote engagement with the Bible in all churches. That is why we visit migrant churches and make Bibles available.’ Through the BSNF, church members can obtain Bibles in Arabic, English, Sranantongo, Twi and Farsi, and children’s Bibles in English, Spanish, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Papiamentu and Russian. 


Sunday, Januari 21: Wesley Methodist Church, Antwerpen-Deurne, Frans Erlingerstraat 12, 2100 Deurne. Start of the service: 10 am; all are welcome.  

Sunday, February 4: Holy Ghost Deliverance Fire Ministry, Koppenburglaan 24, 1104 PP Amsterdam. Start of the service: 1 pm; all are welcome. 

Training with Bible Basics 

In addition to church visits, BSNF provides training for children’s workers in migrant churches, using the digital bilingual Sunday school method Bible Basics, in Dutch Bijbel Basics, which is rooted in the ‘childrens’s theology’. The training focuses on the different ages and development stages every child goes through, according to the theory of the education psychologist Howard Gardner. Reading the Bible with a 3-year-old is different from doing so with a 10-year-old. Bible Basics is the most used Sunday school method (over 22.000 users) in the Netherlands. 

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