Samuel Lee Receives Spaan Award 

Last night, theologian Samuel Lee received the J.B.Th. Spaan Award. The former Theologian Laureate was awarded the certificate during a gathering of international and migrant churches in Amsterdam, organized by the Bible Society for the Netherlands and Flanders (BSNF/NBG).

Cooperation with Migrant Churches 

The prize was awarded during a dinner gathering organized by the BSNF, with around 30 pastors of migrant and international churches in Amsterdam Zuidoost. Its aim was to promote cooperation with the BSNF on a shared mission: unlocking and applying the Bible. This initiative was noticeably appreciated by those present.  

The Bible in the Bijlmer 

The BSNF is also the publisher of his book “De Bijbel in de Bijlmer” (The Bible in the Bijlmer). In it, Lee discusses with “old” and “new” compatriots how they should interact with each other other. “I see a lot of compassion in the Netherlands, but also people who reject migrants”, he told the BSNF. “Anyone could be forced to flee due to political, economic or ecological circumstances. Don’t think it will never happen to you!” De “Bijbel in de Bijlmer” can be obtained from the BSNF bookshop.  

Photo: Samuel Lee (with certificate) with the Spaan Award jury. Photo: NBG/Paul Abspoel  

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