United Bible Societies World Assembly Statement 

The United Bible Societies, a global fellowship of local Bible Societies situated in over 150 countries and representing a broad range of Christian traditions, met from 13 to 17 October 2023 in the Netherlands. Deeply moved, we believe, by God’s Spirit, we affirmed the Bible’s continuing relevance as it speaks powerfully into our current global polycrisis on both the individual and systemic levels.

The Bible challenges selfish, oppressive and destructive worldviews and systems. ​​Additionally, God calls​ on​ humankind​, through the Bible,​ to turn from these and to pursue justice, peace and kindness in all spheres of life – relational, economic and environmental. Particular consideration was given in this Assembly to the Bible’s message in relation to global inequality, climate change and human migration.  

We affirm that honest engagement with the Bible creates possibilities of hope and genuine transformation. To this end, we recommit ourselves to the continuing task of Bible translation and provision in all languages and formats, and to working with churches across all confessions, as well as other ministry partners and audiences, to develop relevant programmes and to ensure that every barrier of access to the Bible’s message is removed. 

​​​The Bible speaks today!  

UNITED BIBLE SOCIETIES           17 October 2024 

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The Netherlands 

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