BSNF Presents International Migration Bible at UBS-congress

For migration theologian Samuel Lee, the Migration Bible is “a dream come true”. He said that this morning when he - as a member of the international editorial board of this publication - received a copy from the Bible Society for the Netherlands and Flanders (BSNF). Lee: “There is nothing new under the sun. The experiences of migrants today are similar to many experiences in the Bible. That is food for thought about how we deal with migrants.”

The presentation of the Migration Bible took place during the UBS World Assembly in Egmond aan Zee. “The Bible is full of stories about migration,” BSNF General Secretary Rieuwerd Buitenwerf says on the occasion. “Just think of the story of Ruth and Naomi, or the calling of Abraham. It is also a theme in the Bible that all Christians are described as migrants. After all, they are – says 1 Peter 2:11 – strangers in this world. This Bible release is very relevant, especially now that migration is a hotly debated topic. That is why we highlight what the Bible says about it in this issue.”

Discovering, connecting and encouraging

The Migration Bible allows readers to discover that in God’s story with humanity, migration is a recurring theme. This Bible also works to bring connection between migrants and non-migrants by highlighting themes such as hospitality. And it encourages, with portraits of migrants and Bible reading plans on topics such as “resilience” and “hope”. The Migration Bible is intended for (English-speaking) migrants and their pastors, caregivers and contacts, and for those who encounter migrants in their personal or as professional lives. It contains the Good News Translation supplemented with 17 themed articles, 15 portraits of contemporary migrants and 22 reading plans. The theme articles are written by migrants and experts from all over the world, including John Jusu (Elijah’s migration story), Samuel Lee (five principles for Christian migrants), Ruth Padilla DeBorst (climate change and migration), and Carolina Pineda (how the Bible can help deal with trauma). 


The Migration Bible has 1444 pages and is available for €25 in bookstores and in the BSNF webshop. For more information see migrationbible.com.

United Bible Societies World Assembly Statement 

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